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Biomedical Sciences (BIOM)

We are always looking for students to participate in the Biomedical Sciences Independent Research Program (BILD99/BISP196/BISP199). Please inquire directly with Ju Chen for projects.

AHA Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Promising students that took part in a BILD99/BISP199 course in the laboratory can enquire with Dr. Chen for their participation in a research project that may be sponsored by the prestigious American Heart Association Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. Past fellows of this program that were working on projects in the Ju Chen lab are Daniel Li (2010, currently at the National Institutes of Health), and Alexander Lun (2012), who recently presented his data at the 2012 AHA research roundtable seminar. More information >.

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Ju Chen, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Director of Basic Cardiac Research Program
School of Medicine,
UC San Diego

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