Ju Chen Laboratory In the Department of Medicine

Changming Tan

"Understanding the Molecular Basis of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Disease"

Prof. Dr. Ju Chen

  • Ju Chen, PhD.
    Professor of Medicine
    AHA Endowed Chair
    Director of Basic Cardiac Research
    School of Medicine
    UC San Diego
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About the Lab

My lab is interested in understanding the molecular basis of cardiac and skeletal myopathy. We are also studying a number of signaling pathways underlying cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.
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Spotlight on:

  • October 2018: IP3R1 plays a critical role in regulating physiological function of the GI tract – a new manuscript in the Journal of Gastroenterology. More information here.
  • October 2018: Ubqln is significant in cardiac ubiquitination-proteasome coupling – a new manuscript in ‘JCI’. More information here.
  • August 2018: Generation and analysis of striated muscle selective LINC complex protein mutant mice – a new manuscript in Methods Molecular Biology. More information here.
  • August 2018: Cell surface marker signatures are a broadly applicable strategy for the enrichment of ventricular cardiomyocytes derived from human embryonic stem cells - a new manuscript in Stem Cell Reports. More information here.
  • August 2018: TBX20 plays a key role in atrial development - a new manuscript in Circulation Research. More information here.
  • May 2018: The deficiency of PRKD2 triggers hyperinsulinemia and metabolic disorders – a new manuscript in Nature Communications. More information here.
  • April 2018: aPKCζ-dependent repression of Yap is necessary for functional restoration of irradiated salivary glands with IGF – a new manuscript in Scientific Reports. More information here.
  • March 2018: Luma is not essential for murine cardiac development and function – a new manuscript in Cardiovascular Research. More information here.
  • February 2018: Infarct fibroblasts do not derive from bone marrow lineages – a new manuscript in Circle Research. More information here.
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