Ju Chen Laboratory In the Department of Medicine

Members of the Ju Chen lab

The Ju Chen lab is a multinational group of engaged scientists and researchers under the guidance and supervision of Ju Chen, PhD.

Assistant Project Scientists and Postdoctoral Scholars

Yongxin Mu, PhD Yongxin Mu, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Tongbin Wu, PhD Tongbin Wu, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Jennifer Veevers, PhD Jennifer Veevers, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Xi Fang, PhD Xi Fang, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Wei Feng, PhD Wei Feng, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Canzhao Liu, PhD Canzhao Liu, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Julius Bogomolovas, PhD Julius Bogomolovas, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Simone Spinozzi Simone Spinozzi
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Christa Trexler Christa Trexler
Postdoctoral Scholar.

Undergraduate/Masters Students

Tiana Huynh
BS/MS Program

Kalia Mitchell-Silbaugh Kalia Mitchell-Silbaugh
Lab Assistant

YujunXu Yujun Xu
Masters Student

Visiting Students/Scholars

Changming Tan Changming Tan
The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

HouzhiYu Houzhi Yu
Shandong Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University

Ze'eChen Ze'e Chen
Peking University, Shen Zhen Graduate School

Learn more about our research focus

We are interested in elucidating molecular mechanisms behind human muscle diseases using genetically engineered mouse models.

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